We cultivate sustainability.

Integrity noun | in·teg·ri·ty | \in-’te-grə-tē\

1 : the quality of being honest and fair 2 : the state of being complete or whole

Integrity Fiber Supply is a full-service brokerage company handling paper, plastic and other recyclable materials. Headquartered in Indianapolis, we’re known for our strong communication skills and problem solving approach with customers. With decades of experience in the mill supply and brokerage business, we have the connections and knowhow to provide top-notch service in both domestic and international markets.

Our partnership with Schwarz Partners—a family-owned holding company with interests in packaging, sheet feeders and transportation—gives us the financial strength and stability to react quickly to meet customer needs. We offer sustainable, competitive pricing for suppliers and paper mills, as well as on-demand transportation solutions that ensure consistency in movement.

At Integrity Fiber Supply, you’re never just a number. We take pride in our relationships with both our customers and industry partners. Trust, honesty, respect: These core values both drive and define us. You can count on the Integrity team to listen to your needs—and exceed your expectations.