Trust us for Worry-free Recycling Brokerage Services

Our team of expert recycling brokers deliver reliable solutions — from efficient transport of your materials to comprehensive reporting — so that you can focus on your strategic goals.

Paper Brokerage Delivered to Exceed Your Standards

With Integrity Fiber Supply’s paper brokerage services, you’ll have fewer worries about getting the right solutions as part of your recycling services. Our paper brokers, backed by our expert logistics and transportation team, ensure that your materials reach their right destination at the right time.

We invest in logistics and processes that are proven to enhance efficiency and profitability. That means you can depend upon optimal pricing, reliable transportation and detailed reporting.

And, at every phase, you will have access to a dedicated customer representative that keeps you informed. Our team is committed to maximizing your results while minimizing any surprises.

  • Global Reach

    Integrity Fiber Supply provides high-volume recycling brokerage services from America’s East Coast to the West Coast, as well as globally, including in India, Central America and China.

  • Transparent Practices

    As reputable recycling brokers, we make sure that we keep our practices transparent at every phase — whether it’s keeping you up to date on new opportunities, pricing, zero waste practices and potential challenges.

  • Experienced Partners

    No matter your industry, Integrity Fiber Supply provides the support needed to keep you moving toward your sustainability goals. We have a team that’s highly experienced in collecting, locating, transporting and brokering your materials.

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