In 2014 Rick Torbeck joined with Schwarz Partners LP to form Integrity Fiber Supply. The partnership has led to dramatic growth for Integrity Fiber Supply and an expanding focus on sustainability and innovation at Schwarz Partners.

Schwarz Partners

Schwarz Partners has achieved an uncommon level of respect and status by relying on partnerships with more than 50 successful companies. The Schwarz Partners philosophy is to cultivate understanding of each company’s role and capitalize on each employee’s expertise. Both Schwarz Partners and Integrity Fiber Supply have flourished and grown thanks to a focus on technology and customer service and a passion for improving processes.

New Indy Containerboard

Formed in 2012, New Indy Containerboard is a product of the relationship between two family-owned companies with long histories in paper and packaging: Indianapolis-based Schwarz Partners and the Kraft Group, based in Foxborough, Massachusetts.

new indy recycling

New Indy Recycling

To compliment the 60,000+ ton-per-month mill consumption for New Indy Containerboard, Integrity Fiber Supply and International Forest Products (the recycling arm of the Kraft Group), partnered to form New Indy Recycling. This California-based company will supply New Indy’s two Southern California mills and will also serve as a trading company for both domestic and export shipments.

river valley paper

River Valley Paper Company

River Valley Paper Company delivers rapid and professional solutions with diligence, honesty and reliability. They manage, process, convert and export various types and grades of paper. Based in Akron, Ohio, they also have offices and processing facilities in Yulee, Florida and Kalamazoo, Michigan. River Valley Paper Company offers effective solutions including long term marketing strategies for mill direct shipments as well as service for loose, gaylorded, skidded or roll stock.

IFS – Appleton

Located in the heart of the Paper Valley, IFS-Appleton’s paper roots run deep. Paper Valley is home to the highest concentration of paper mills in the country. And IFS -Appleton personnel all grew up here and in the paper industry. IFS – Appleton is experienced in all grades of paper and the paper manufacturing process. IFS Appleton can source sustainable raw materials and identify markets for any papers produced or converting by-products.

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